Provider of engineered subterranean pressurized zero carbon hydrogen storage that is 20x cheaper, more efficient and safer than conventional surface mounted mechanical compression and steel/composite tankage systems.  


The promise of green hydrogen to bend and ultimately reverse the trajectory of climate change impacts lies in its diversity of applications in difficult-to-abate sectors which encompasses, aviation, aerospace, shipping, agriculture, steelmaking, cement, chemical manufacturing, protein synthesis and clean baseload energy generation.

Hydrogen produced from electrolysis and renewables are the leading mature, mass commercialization ready technologies that could drive this global transition. Raw materials availability and recycling are arguably, less complex problems to solve versus the current practice of indiscriminate, direct contamination of our air, water and soil ecosystems.  

HEBĒ hydrogen’s intellectual property is the novel design and construction of inert engineered subterranean environments capable of storing pressurized electrolytic hydrogen produced at 35 bar(g) and greater, the elimination of mechanical compression, and leveraging the unique geotechnical characteristics of the earth beneath us for structural integrity.

Salt cavern underground pressurized hydrogen storage have been in practice for some time with favorable economics in North America and Europe. HYBRIT in Sweden is constructing a steel lined rock cavern for hydrogen storage in their offshore wind fossil free green steel initiative. These engineering advances along with innovative new developments in materials sciences and trenchless tunneling, presents an unparalleled opportunity for market disruption.

The video below courtesy of NASA and The Discovery Channel provides a compelling scientific and historical perspective of climate change and irreversible impacts it is having on humanity and our planet.  


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